Assembly Adjourns in Memory of Kevin Starr

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

(Sacramento) – The California State Assembly adjourned its January 30, 2017 floor session in the memory of former State Librarian, Doctor Kevin Starr. “Dr. Starr was appointed State Librarian by Governor Pete Wilson in 1994. He was the head of the State Library for a decade under three Governors,” Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) pointed out during his tribute to Dr. Starr. “Dr. Starr and his story-telling will be greatly missed. His contributions to California’s libraries and the state will long be remembered and greatly appreciated.”  Dr. Starr was 76 years old when he died from a heart attack. Here’s more from Assemblymember Mullin’s tribute to Dr. Starr in this Assembly Access video.