Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin’s Statement on the 2022-23 State Budget Bill

Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin’s Statement on the 2022-23 State Budget Bill

For immediate release:
  • Susan Kennedy
  • Director of Communications, Office of Speaker pro Tempore Kevin Mullin
  • 925-437-2510
  • susan.kennedy@asm.ca.gov


Sacramento - “The joint Assembly-Senate spending plan adopted by the Legislature today invests in the people of California by supporting residents and small businesses, increasing school funding and increasing our reserves.

Having access to another significant budget surplus allows us to invest one-time dollars that will provide long-term benefits in much needed infrastructure and transportation improvements and I will continue to advocate for Caltrain electrification as one of those investments.

I am also pleased that the Legislature’s budget proposal removed the draconian language proposed by the Department of Finance related to the state’s obligation to reimburse local agencies for vehicle license fees (VLF). I will continue to monitor this issue as this bill moves on to Governor Newsom for his consideration and signature.

It’s also wonderful to see funding for the increase in the service provider rates for our developmentally disabled community.  A DDS rate study previously indicated that providers receive fairer compensation so families can have access to the vital services they need.

I anticipate additional budget actions in the coming months that addresses specific details related to transportation and infrastructure as well as tax rebates to Californians who are struggling with recent increases to the cost of living. I look forward to engaging with legislative leadership in negotiations with the Governor as we arrive at a budget deal prior to the new fiscal year starting July 1, 2022.”