Climate Action Bills Benefit From Historic $15 Billion Budget Package

San Mateo County’s OneShoreline Receives $8M

For immediate release:
  • Susan Kennedy
  • Director of Communications, Office of Speaker pro Tempore Kevin Mullin
  • 925-437-2510

Sacramento – Governor Newsom has signed bills totaling a historic $15 Billon to address a wide range of climate change issues, making it the largest investment of its kind in California’s history. This funding will help make California more resilient by investing in a wide range of prevention and adaptation activities throughout the state.

“Governor Newsom and the legislature have demonstrated that we take the impacts of climate change seriously,” said Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin. “This historic funding will help California protect against future climate disasters by taking steps to make our state more resilient. I have advocated for this funding through my own legislation and as a member of the budget committee and I am very happy that many of the goals and objectives contained in my bills are addressed in this overall climate package. I am especially pleased that OneShoreline received $8M to align and connect recent climate risk studies by Burlingame, Millbrae and the San Francisco International Airport, in order to develop a regional solution.”

San Mateo County has several specific flood prone areas and began looking ahead to how sea level rise might impact an already existing problem. Local agencies began to meet and address the numerous challenges ahead. Ultimately, after several meetings and proposals were discussed, it was recommended that state legislation expand the mission, geographic reach and governing board of the San Mateo County Flood Control District. AB 825 (Mullin) was signed into law and on January 1, 2020, the San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Resiliency District (OneShoreline) was formed. 

“San Mateo County is the most threatened of any county in California by sea level rise,” said Supervisor Dave Pine who serves as the Chair of OneShoreline. “Through OneShoreline, our cities and the county have come together to meet the challenge of sea level rise but we cannot do this alone. With this investment by the state, championed by Assemblymember Mullin, we will be able to advance projects and the planning necessary to help protect our communities.”

"Two years ago, Assemblymember Mullin's initiative created OneShoreline, the first independent government agency in California with a focus on sea level rise resilience," said OneShoreline CEO Len Materman. "Today, Mr. Mullin's leadership has secured a critical State investment in our agency and one of our signature projects. By aligning long-term sea level rise protection across two cities and connecting it to a similar effort by SFO, we will demonstrate that by working together we can meet this transformative challenge."  

“For years California used the terms planning and preparing in reference to earthquake preparedness,” Mullin added. “We now know and take seriously the fact that planning and preparing for various climate impacts is urgent as well and we are now well on our way to improving our climate resilience locally and statewide.”