Speaker Pro Tem Mullin’s Statement on the Proposed 2021-22 Budget

For immediate release:

“While every budget cycle presents its unique issues, the 2021-22 budget negotiations will happen within the context of a global pandemic and deep recession. These times demand an aggressive response to these historic challenges. While I applaud the Governor's interest in funding small business assistance and economic recovery as well as green infrastructure, I am currently working on a bond package much broader in scope to properly address climate resiliency which is of huge importance to San Mateo County and our region. I am also very supportive of the Governor’s proposal of additional funding for vaccine distribution and readying schools for reopening, as well as proposals to supplement the income of California’s low-wage workers who’ve been hardest hit by the pandemic and recession. 

Given our improved fiscal condition in the current year, I believe we should revisit restoring the Research & Development tax credits for the life sciences industry given its important role in battling COVID - 19 and other life-saving treatments, in addition to their critical role in our state's economic growth and recovery moving forward. As the Chair of the Select Committee on Biotechnology I’ve seen first hand the crucial role these companies play and will continue to play in job creation and revenue generation for our budget.

I’m also heartened that a democratically elected, California-friendly new administration will take the reigns in the White House that will prioritize issues important to our state. As a member of the Budget Committee and legislative leadership, I look forward to working with my colleagues and the Governor's Office to adopt an on-time balanced budget by the constitutional deadline of June 15th that will benefit all Californians."