Mullin’s ACA 11 Clears the Assembly Floor – Moves to the Ballot

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June 26, 2020                                                                                                                                                                   Contact: Susan Kennedy

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 Mullin’s ACA 11 Clears the Assembly Floor – Moves to the Ballot

Measure would create more fairness in property taxes and increase funding for fire protection

Sacramento - California is experiencing unprecedented times; the COVID pandemic continues and so does California’s affordability crisis and looming wildfire season. ACA 11 (Mullin) provides an approach to ensuring funding for fire protection and local government revenues are protected, while allowing for flexibility and reform in our property tax formulas while leaving Proposition 13 (1978) intact.

“It’s not often that a measure can have a positive impact on so many critical issues,” Mullin stated. “ACA 11 contains provisions to increase the stock of available housing and provide protections to vulnerable Californians in the housing market, while creating protected funding for underfunded fire districts throughout the state and ensuring that counties and local governments received equal and equitable funding through the provisions.”

Previous ballot measures have created mechanisms for property transfers from parents and grandparents to their children and grandchildren without those homes having their property tax reassessed.  Unfortunately, wealthy individuals who have gone on to inherit multiple homes without the property being reassessed have exploited this loophole.  ACA 11 will protect family transfers when a family member treats the property as a primary residence, but closes the loophole for vacation homes and other uses that do not include a primary residence.

“ACA 11 will continue the protection of seniors, persons with disabilities, families and victims of wildfire by limiting property tax increases on primary residences,” Mullin added.  “Our most vulnerable residents will be able to move closer to family, medical care, to a senior or retirement community or replace a damaged home anywhere within California while also protecting the rights of parents and grandparents to pass the family home on to their heirs, ensuing the heirs can afford to move into that home as their primary residence.”

In addition, ACA 11 will generate significant long-term revenue and dedicate major funding annually to historically underfunded fire districts in both rural and urban communities. The measure also provides local revenue to counties, cities and special districts by generating stable property tax revenue for every county across California at time when it is needed the most.