Mullin Continuity of Government Measure Garners Strong Bipartisan Support

For immediate release:

ACA 25 Moves to the Senate

Sacramento – ACA 25, a measure by Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin allowing for continuity of government during a declared emergency cleared the Assembly with bipartisan support (57-9)* and now moves to the Senate.

“California, a state with 40 million people, currently has NO continuity of government provision in its Constitution,” Mullin stated. “Consequently during our COVID pandemic driven recess, the legislature was severely limited in its ability to fulfill its duty as a co-equal branch of government.”

ACA 25 would allow for remote legislating only in extremely rare cases where a State of Emergency is declared by the Governor and/or the President AND legislators are physically unable to be present safely in the Capitol. There would be no restrictions on public access to proceedings and everything that would be done through remote means, would be in alignment with and in compliance with Proposition 54.

Provided ACA 25 clears the Senate, it would then go before the voters, giving the people of California the ultimate authorization on it becoming part of the Constitution.  It would then be incumbent on the Legislature to adopt rules by a 2/3 super majority vote, detailing the precise means by which remote legislating would happen.

“As we’ve learned all too well during the COVID pandemic, people are changing the way they work and in fact, 20 states have already taken the extraordinary step of legislating remotely,’ Mullin pointed out.

“The strong bipartisan support for this legislation reflects the fact that during an emergency, our constituents need us more than ever. California leads the world in the use and development of technology and should be leading in digital democracy as well. “