Speaker pro Tem Mullin’s Statement on AB 84

For immediate release:

I chose to author AB 84 (Legislative Leadership Committees) because of my role as Assembly Speaker pro Tem, as well as my commitment to disclosure, transparency and the need to counter unlimited money that pours into campaigns from Independent Expenditure Committees and SuperPacs. Until we can overturn the Citizen’s United decision, or reach an agreement on the public financing of campaigns, I felt AB 84 provided a viable option given the increased reporting requirements and disclosure it required, as well as abiding by the existing limits on donations to similar party committees. After hearing concern from a variety of good government groups with whom I have worked closely on other legislation (including AB2188, the Social Media DISCLOSE Act which is currently pending), I attempted to pursue even stronger disclosure provisions in the bill. However, given the strict time requirements for amending bills addressing the Political Reform Act, we are unable to amend the bill any more this year. As such, I have consulted with leadership in both houses and we will not be moving forward.