Speaker pro Tem Mullin’s Statement on Governor Brown’s Revised Budget

For immediate release:

“Governor Brown’s revised budget reflects his trademark inclination to save and his commitment to leave the most responsible budget he can to the next Governor. I am pleased to see that the revised budget addresses the effects of poverty by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, health care funding, along with increases in child care and early education provider rates.

The Governor announced that $7 billion of the $9 billion surplus being allocated to operating reserves and the “rainy day fund” will increase total reserves to $20 billion. Whether in fact the surplus is allocated according to the Governor’s revised budget will be what is negotiated between the Legislature and the Governor in coming weeks prior to the June 15 deadline to pass a budget. 

It is also encouraging to see an increase in education funding for K-12 schools and $100 million in new one-time funding for deferred maintenance for each university system.

The one-time modest expenditures to invest in deferred maintenance to our infrastructure, address homelessness and mental health services are much needed and overdue, but more can be done particularly in addressing a statewide homelessness crisis.

While I applaud Governor Brown’s generally fiscally-responsible approach to budgeting, the Governor has acknowledged the glaring need to reform our volatile tax structure. Unfortunately, the difficult choices that need to be made with reforming taxes, as well as addressing unfunded state pension liabilities, has largely been deferred to the next administration.

As a member of the Budget Committee and the Assembly leadership, I am committed to working with my colleagues in both houses as well as the Governor to negotiate an on-time, balanced budget that will benefit all Californians.” ​