Speaker pro Tem Mullin’s Statement on Governor Brown’s State of the State

For immediate release:

January 25, 2018                                                                                                                               Contact: Susan Kennedy

For Immediate Release                                                                                                             916-319-2022 (W) 

While I was not on the Assembly floor today, due to the recent arrival of our twin boys, I did watch Governor Brown's final State of the State address online as he reflected on his time in office and outlined his vision for a productive year ahead. Here is my official statement in reaction to the Governor’s address:

"Governor Brown's final State of the State address was gracious and dynamic. When he returned to the Governor's office seven years ago, the state was experiencing the effects of the “Great Recession”. The state was confronting a "Wall of Debt" and painful unemployment numbers. Governor Brown’s and the Legislature’s commitment to fiscal responsibility has allowed us to significantly pay down that "Wall of Debt". The Governor and legislative leaders have embraced bi-partisan civility and cooperation, which allowed us to make historic investments in transportation infrastructure, lead the world on climate change policy, tackle the affordable housing crisis, and make strong investments in public education with the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula. We also adopted a substantial Water and Parks Bond, along with other critical achievements.

Those of us in legislative leadership look forward to a productive 2018; one that we can all be proud of and one that will add to Governor Brown’s unique legacy. I thank him for his vision and his service to the great state of California. I also hope to work with him this year, and his successor in future years, to fully address our outstanding pension obligations and reforming our state’s outdated tax code, among other pressing issues still on the table.”