Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, John F. Foran Legislative Award

License Plate Bill Boosts Public Safety and Revenues

For his leadership in winning passage of Assembly Bill 516, the Temporary License Plate bill, Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, who represents San Mateo County’s District 22, is receiving MTC’s distinguished John F. Foran Legislative Award. Supported by MTC and signed into law by Governor Brown in July 2016, AB 516 modernizes California’s vehicle license program by requiring all motor vehicles sold by new or used car dealers to have a temporary license plate with a unique license number before the vehicle leaves the dealer’s lot. Previously, only temporary dealership paper plates were required and were not replaced with permanent plates for months or sometimes years.

Effective as of January 2019, AB 516 will provide law enforcement agencies with information to help solve crimes involving recently sold vehicles, which will have to bear unique license plates. The law also will improve toll collection, generating approximately $19 million a year statewide. Currently, these revenues are uncollected, as vehicles with paper dealership plates can evade tolls on state bridges, toll roads and express lanes.