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The vote for 17-year-olds – Learn about ACA 4 from the two Mullins
June 10, 2019

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4 is a measure to allow 17 year olds to vote in the primary if they are 18 by the general election. It is an effort to increase civic participation among young people and to encourage interest in the electoral process for a lifetime. The idea has been around for more than 30 years and was first introduced by former Assemblmember Gene Mullin. At that time, although, it received a majority of votes, he could not receive the 54 needed for passage. Today, with youth even more involved and an atmosphere more conducive to the idea, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (Gene’s son) has reintroduced the idea as ACA 4. Listen to the story of the idea from the two Mullins and hear what today’s students think of the idea as well.

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Promoting Civic Engagement - It’s In My DNA

op-ed by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin

My interest in civic engagement started early. When your father is a high school government teacher and your mother enjoys a lively discussion at the dinner table, you learn early on that civic engagement and being an active participant in the political process gives you a voice in your local, state and national government. Even if your preferred candidate isn’t successful, your vote always counts.  Read More ...

Real political discourse happens in primaries. And young voters should have a say

By Ryan Beam Special to the Sacramento Bee

I am very enthusiastic about voting.

I preregistered to vote the day I turned 16. I carry a stack of voter registration forms with me to school every day. Call it the naivete of youth, but very little is more exciting to me than the fact that I, along with the rest of my generation, will play a role in deciding the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. For many in Generation Z, it will be the first election we are eligible to cast a ballot in.   Read More ...



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