Conversations with Kevin: Women Making a Difference in San Mateo County

Assemblymember Mullin’s Response to Governor’s State of the State

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Mullin, Assistant Speaker pro Tempore, released the following statement regarding the Governor’s State of the State address:

“The Governor, while calling for fiscal and legislative restraint, has once again laid out a bold and articulate vision for California’s future,” said Assemblymember Mullin. “As a new legislator, I am heartened by California’s recovery and recent success under his leadership and I look forward to working with his administration to continue down this road toward continued progress, economic growth, and a sustainable budget.”

Lawmakers hail budget

A surplus?

With California cutting more than $40 billion from its budget these past two years, lawmakers welcomed a balanced budget from Gov. Jerry Brown yesterday, the first balanced budget many lawmakers in Sacramento have ever seen in their time there.

Even Republicans praised Brown for reining in spending but there are still some key sticking points such as the governor's plan to shift education funding to poorer schools that have both Democrats and the GOP concerned.

Assembly Member Mullin’s Statement on Governor's Budget Proposal

Sacramento - Assembly Member Mullin, a member of the Assembly Budget Committee, released the following statement upon the announcement of the Governor's 2013/2014 State Budget Proposal:

"I applaud the Governor's continued fiscal restraint. I agree we must live within our means and this proposal is a good starting point as we work toward the constitutional June budget deadline. I look forward to working with the Administration and my colleagues in the legislature to ensure that California continues on the path to fiscal solvency.

Local Officials Pegged for Key State Committees

California Senator Leland Yee and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin announced this week they have been named to statewide committees on important issues.

As 2013 begins, California's state government is getting organized and picking representatives to serve on many of its key committees and commissions.

Local representatives such as California Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) announced this week that they have both been named to several of these important task forces.

OP-ED: A new day at the state capitol

Politics has been called the “art of the possible,” yet for too long at the state Capitol, bipartisan progress on the state’s intractable problems has been elusive. However, with a historic 2012 election cycle, the political planets have aligned to create an extraordinary opportunity to improve governance in the state of California.

Freshman Assembly Member Well Positioned to Address State's Policy and Fiscal Issues in 2013 Legislative Session

At the outset of the Legislative Session, San Mateo County Assembly Member Appointed to Serve on Several Key Committees

In addition to being assigned so serve the leadership role of Assistant Speaker Pro Tem by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, Assembly Member Kevin Mullin (D – South San Francisco) has been appointed to serve on several key committees. The committees include the Budget Committee, Budget Subcommittee #4 on State Administration, the Business and Professions Committee, Local Government Committee, Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security Committee, and Revenue and Taxation Committee.

Mullin Takes Oath in 22nd Assembly District

(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) today was sworn in as the new representative to the 22nd Assembly District that encompasses northern and central San Mateo County. The ceremony was held on the Assembly Floor in the State Capitol at noon.

“I am truly honored to be given this opportunity,” said Mullin. “To my constituents – I am proud to be your representative –do not hesitate to contact my office for assistance on legislative or other matters.”