Assemblymember Kevin Mullin Applauds Attorney General for Opening Investigation into Possible Improper Communication and Collaboration between CPUC & PG&E

“I am pleased that Attorney General Kamala Harris has taken steps to open an investigation into the California Public Utilities Commission.” stated Assemblymember Kevin Mullin. “The actions of Commission members with regard to the San Bruno pipeline explosion as well as their complicity in PG&E's efforts at judge shopping show a disregard for the public interest. It is my hope that the Attorney General’s investigation will provide answers and closure that are long overdue to the residents of San Bruno and to ratepayers overall.”

Statement From Assemblymember Kevin Mullin On The Latest PG&E/CPUC Illegal Ex Parte Communications

“This revelation further erodes what little public confidence remains in the leadership of the CPUC. While PG&E may have released these emails as legally required, I see no similar actions on the part of the CPUC. Just as these emails exist on the PG&E servers, the same and many more, must exist on the CPUC servers, yet they have not taken the ethical stand for self-disclosure. It’s clear they cannot police themselves. I renew my call on the Attorney General to investigate the CPUC in order to restore credibility that the CPUC is indeed working for the public, not the utilities. I also continue to consider the legislative option of an elected California Public Utilities Commission.”

Governor Brown Signs Three More Mullin Bills

Total of nine bills signed this year

Sacramento – Assistant Speaker Pro Tem, Kevin Mullin, (D-San Mateo) announced that Governor Jerry Brown has signed three more of his bills into law, bringing his total number of signed bills to nine. The recently signed bills include:

AB 1446 updates the California Elections Code to ensure that the privacy of Californians’ personal information is protected when applying to register to vote online with the assistance of a third party, such as at a voter registration drive. In addition, the bill updates the Student Voter Registration Act to reflect the implementation of online voter registration and encourage students to register to vote over the internet while registering for classes.

Connect14 Challenges San Mateo County Leaders to Embrace Technology

Menlo Park – Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, (D-San Mateo) and San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum hosted Connect14 – Strengthening Communities through Technology, at Facebook headquarters today. 

Connect14 is the second annual citizen engagement and technology conference designed to inspire the leaders of San Mateo County, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to embrace technology and social media for the purpose of increasing public participation and involvement in government. The focus of this year's conference is the communities that will be strengthened by use of technology, including local government, schools, non-profits - and the constituents these communities impact.

Governor Brown Signs Four More Mullin Bills

Total of six bills signed into law to date

Sacramento – Assistant Speaker Pro Tem, Kevin Mullin, (D-San Mateo) announced that Governor Jerry Brown has signed four (4) more bills into law, with four more awaiting the Governor’s signature. The recently signed bills include:

AB 1841 will help increase and improve patient access to care by clarifying that a medical assistant’s ability to provide “technical supportive services” will include handing over pre-labeled, pre-packaged medications, excluding controlled substances. Given the millions of patients who are newly eligible for health care coverage, providing medical assistants with this authority will help reduce waiting times, expand access and improve patient care and satisfaction in community clinics.

Assembly Select Committee on Biotechnology – Hearing on Workforce Development

Higher Education, Local Government, STEM Instruction and Industry Representatives to Participate

San Mateo – Assemblylmember Kevin Mullin, (D-San Mateo) will be chairing a Select Committee on Biotechnology Hearing on Workforce Development, Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at San Francisco State University in the J. Paul Leonard Library. The hearing begins at 10:30 a.m. and continues until 1:30 p.m.

A wide range of panelists representing the biotechnology industry, higher education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instruction and local government will share their perspectives on the evolving issue of workforce development in this arena.

Mullin Questions CPUC ALJ Decision on PG&E Fine

Assistant Speaker pro Tem of the State Assembly concerned with amount and allocation of funds in this historic fine

“While I am pleased that the California Public Utilities Commission has finally come to a decision on a fine nearly four years following the tragic explosion in San Bruno, I am concerned about the amount and allocation of revenues,” said Assemblymember Mullin.

“I am still reviewing the documents, but it is immediately apparent that this newly announced fine is less than that recommended by CPUC staff last year. I look forward to learning about why this is the case.”

Assemblymember Kevin Mullin Announces 2014 Legislation Update

Two Bills Already Signed, Eight More Move on to Governor Brown for Signature

Sacramento - Assistant Speaker Pro Tem, Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) had a total of ten bills sent on to the Governor for signature, two of which have already been signed, as a result of the 2nd year of the 2013-14 legislative session.

“This has been a very productive session and I believe the bills provide cost savings and improvements to existing policy.” said Mullin. “That said, I continue to be committed to bring back new legislation in the next session to address the issues of election recount reform and antibiotics in livestock as well as addressing other issues related to workforce development and fiscal sustainability.”

Recount Reform Bill Denied Senate Hearing

Lack of Republican votes prevents recount legislation from moving to committee  

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 2194, introduced by Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, (D-San Mateo) to address the issue of recounts in statewide elections has stalled in the State Senate. Senate Republicans refused to provide the necessary votes to refer the bill to committee. The bill came up for a procedural vote on August 21st, which would have allowed it to be heard past the committee hearing deadline, requiring a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Democrats were in support, but Republicans voted “no”, effectively denying the bill the opportunity to have a fair hearing. Considering a statewide election is forthcoming in November, this refusal to discuss recount reform leaves open the possibility of a repeat of the recount debacle we witnessed in the State Controller’s primary race.

“The recount initiated in the recent State Controller’s primary race exposed serious flaws in our existing recount system, whereby candidates can cherry-pick which counties they want to recount, assuming they have the funds to pay for it,” stated Assemblymember Mullin. “It’s disappointing to see an opportunity to address a fundamental democratic principle like the election process denied this year for partisan reasons.”