AB 84 Would Move California’s Presidential Primary to March in 2020

Speaker pro Tem Mullin Thinks Californian’s Deserve a Stronger Voice

Sacramento – Today, Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin introduced AB 84 which would move California’s presidential primary to March in 2020, with the goal of making California more politically relevant when it comes to presidential primaries.

“Moving the presidential primary to March ensures that candidates pay attention to the voters in our state,” Mullin stated. “Under the current June primary schedule, candidates fly in for fundraising and then fly right back out again. The voters in the most populous state in the Union and sixth largest economy in the world should have the opportunity to be more politically relevant in our most important national election.”

Caltrain Electrification Project Takes Another Step Toward Approval

Sacramento – Today, the California High Speed Rail Authority approved the San Francisco to San Jose Peninsula Corridor Funding Plan, which will electrify and modernize the Peninsula Corridor which runs from 4th and King Street in San Francisco to Tamien Station in San Jose. As this 51 mile corridor along Highway 101, known as the "Birthplace of Biotechnology" and the "Silicon Valley" has seen its reputation and economic impact on the region and the state increase in recent years; significant congestion and commuter gridlock have followed.

Kevin Mullin Sworn in as Speaker pro Tempore

Introduces Bill That Certifies Initiative Results Along With All Election Results

Sacramento – Today, the California State Assembly held its organizational session; swearing in new and returning members, and also marking the first day bills could be introduced for the new legislative year. Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) was sworn in again as Speaker pro Tempore of the California State Assembly which allows him to continue to preside regularly over legislative floor sessions, make parliamentary rulings and serve as a member of Speaker Anthony Rendon’s leadership team. Mullin also took the oath of office for this third term in the State Assembly.

Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, John F. Foran Legislative Award

License Plate Bill Boosts Public Safety and Revenues

For his leadership in winning passage of Assembly Bill 516, the Temporary License Plate bill, Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, who represents San Mateo County’s District 22, is receiving MTC’s distinguished John F. Foran Legislative Award. Supported by MTC and signed into law by Governor Brown in July 2016, AB 516 modernizes California’s vehicle license program by requiring all motor vehicles sold by new or used car dealers to have a temporary license plate with a unique license number before the vehicle leaves the dealer’s lot. Previously, only temporary dealership paper plates were required and were not replaced with permanent plates for months or sometimes years.

Governor Brown Signs AB 1889

Mullin’s Bill Provides Funding for Caltrain’s Electrification Project

Sacramento – Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB 1889 (Mullin – San Mateo) which will provide timely access to Proposition 1A funds (California High Speed Rail) for the electrification of Caltrain as well as bookend projects in Southern California. The bill clarifies the term “suitable and ready” for the funding plan required under the provisions of Proposition 1A and helps the State meet its obligation to deliver bond money allocated in SB 1029, a 2012 Budget Appropriation bill, by the 2018 deadline.

“Simply put, this bill makes good on a funding commitment the Legislature made during the 2012 budget process,” Mullin stated. “Our transportation infrastructure has many needs and AB 1889 will allow Caltrain to address one of those needs by moving forward with electrification of their system, providing both short and long term benefits.”  

Governor Acts on Final Three Bills Authored by Assembly Speaker pro Tempore, Kevin Mullin

Sacramento – With the September 30 deadline looming to sign or veto legislation, today Governor Brown acted on the three remaining bills, still on his desk, sent to him by Assembly Speaker pro Tempore, Kevin Mullin.

AB 2126, signed by the Governor, will increase the number of highway, bridge, or tunnel construction projects for which the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is authorized to deliver using the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) method.   It is estimated that AB 2126 will result in cost savings in the range of 10 percent as well as expedited project delivery.

Counterfeit Vehicle Airbag Legislation Signed by Governor Brown

Sacramento –Governor Brown has signed AB 2387 authored by Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) into law. This bill will address the ongoing issue of counterfeit airbags.

“Unlike other counterfeit products such as handbags or DVD’s, counterfeit airbags have the potential to kill,” Mullin said. “The National Highway Safety Administration has conducted numerous tests that show just how dangerous these products are.”

Governor Brown Signs Mullin's Audiology Bill

AB 2317 Authorizes the State University System to Offer Audiology Doctorate Program

"I am extremely excited to announce that Governor Brown has signed AB 2317 into law. This bill addresses the growing need for audiologists in California by authorizing the California State University system to independently offer a Doctorate of Audiology degree. Prior to this bill being signed, existing law assigned the University of California as the only public institution authorized to offer doctoral degree programs. While CSU could offer joint doctoral degrees, they can now offer the Audiology Doctorate independently.


As someone who has a hearing disability, I am acutely aware of how important an audiologist is. Each year, the state's Newborn Screening Program identifies 1200 infants with severe hearing disabilities who need treatment.    When you add in the growing number of residents over the age of 65 and the fact that nearly 25-50% of them, depending on their age, have disabling hearing loss, the need for audiologists will continue to grow. The expansion of this degree program not only increases the opportunities for students who wish to pursue this profession, it ultimately benefits all Californians who have hearing issues."