2018 Legislation

2018 Legislation

AB 605 – Creates a single Integrated licenses for childcare centers.  

AB 1405 – CA Digital Sign Network authorizes a new state of the art network of digital displays providing real-time information for enhanced statewide emergency and travel information. 

AB 2035 – Makes changes to Affordable Housing Authorities law to provide clarity to taxing entities and local auditor-controllers on how to address the complexities in the local property tax increment framework. 

AB 2155 DISCLOSE Act updates – Clarifies technical issues from last year’s AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act, which established landmark reform in campaign finance disclosure requirements for political advertisements. 

AB 2188 – Social Media DISCLOSE Act – requires online social media platforms to disclose information regarding the funders of political advertisements and to keep a database of the political ads they run.  

AB 2540 – Vote Centers – ensures public buildings remain available for use as vote centers in upcoming elections. 

AB 2562 – grants the California Department of Housing and Community Development the authority to adjust interest rates on loans coupled with affordable housing developments utilizing federal low-income housing tax credits when needed to make affordable housing projects feasible. 

AB 2626 – The Statewide Equity Bill will apply current early learning and child care subsidized program exceptions currently afforded in thirteen counties to families and providers throughout the state.  

AB 2707– would provide voters with an online database where they can easily find contact information for each of their federal, state and local representatives in public office. 

AB 3110 – Establishes the Athletic Training Practice Act, creates the Board of Athletic Trainers, sets registration requirements for athletic trainers, and reserves the athletic trainer title for those who are nationally certified.